The Latin American and Caribbean region has had major social, cultural, political, and economic impact on the United States. This influence has increased exponentially over the last decade, especially in the state of Georgia. Establishing in-depth understandings of the region and its peoples, including those who have come to the United States from those regions and their descendants, has become crucially important in the state, and the challenge will likely grow in coming decades. LACSI’s primary mission is to address this need by promoting research, education, and service and outreach on Latin America, the Caribbean, and US Latinos. In order to achieve this goal, LACSI shall:

  • Coordinate and administer undergraduate and graduate degree programs in support of and in collaboration with the disciplinary and multidisciplinary interests of LACSI’s faculty;
  • Support and carry out research, education, and service and outreach activities related to LACSI’s mission;
  • Sponsor and provide, within its budgetary limitations, small grants for students and faculty.