The Portuguese Flagship Program (PFP) at the University of Georgia is the first and only of its kind. Intended for UGA undergraduate students with a unique commitment to reach the highest levels of Portuguese and apply those skills in a professional context, the PFP offers an unprecedented opportunity for motivated students to internationalize their academic experience. For many it will also serve as a stepping-stone into an international career. More than a study abroad program, the PFP is structured to complement the student’s major area of study from the moment he or she arrives at UGA. Participating students also benefit from accelerated classes, regular group or one-on-one tutorials, Skype partners in Brazil, rich cultural events, support for immersion experiences both in the US and abroad, and a capstone year studying at UFSJ – a leading Brazilian university – and completing a semester long internship in Brazil. Throughout their four years of study, PFP students strive to achieve superior proficiency in Portuguese and gain insight into how this skill and body of knowledge will create future opportunities. We encourage you to browse the site and contact us, or just visit us at the PFP office at 290 South Hull St., Athens, GA 30602.