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LACSI Undergraduate Major

A major in Latin American and Caribbean Studies introduces you to the traditions, heritage and contemporary experience of Latin American nations and their people. As a student, you will be able to develop critical language and cultural skills that serve as the foundation for careers in public service, business, humanitarian work, law, and health care. Students with multidisciplinary backgrounds are provided with a broad understanding of multiple academic areas with the unifying context of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Requirements for the Undergraduate Major

Area VI Requirements:

Please click on the course names for complete descriptions

Up to 9 hours of language courses can be used to satisfy Area VI requirements.

Major Language Requirement:

Choose three (3) courses at the 3000-4000 level in ONE of the following: (9 hours)

*Those who elect SPAN or PORT must include SPAN 3010 or SPAN 3010H or PORT 3010 as one of the three courses.

Upper Division Major Requirements:

Interdisciplinary Areas:

Eight (8)  3000/4000 level LACS courses - see options below

Mixing courses from the different areas and departments below is required. Courses must be selected from at least two (2) different areas. Within at least one of the areas, courses must represent two (2) or more departments.

For descriptions of the following courses, visit the UGA Bulletin for the LACS Major


  • AFAM(ROML) 4860/6860: Topics in Afro-Hispanic Identity
  • AFST(RELI)(LACS) 4620/6620: African Religion in Diaspora
  • ANTH(LING) 3080: Anthropology of Language
  • ANTH(NAMS)(LACS) 3270: New World Archaeology
  • ANTH(NAMS)(LACS) 3430: Indians of Mexico and Central America
  • ANTH 3540: Multicultural Health Care
  • ANTH 3541: Anthropology of Eating
  • ANTH(LACS) 4225/6225: Mexican Civilization: Cultural Identity of Mexican People
  • ANTH(ECOL) 4290/6290: Environmental Archaeology
  • ANTH(PBIO) 4300/6300-4300L/6300L: Ethnobotany
  • ANTH(NAMS)(LACS) 4460/6460: The Aztecs and the Maya
  • ANTH 4790/6790: Human Adaptation
  • GEOG 3640: The Geography of Human Rights
  • GEOG(LACS) 4720/6720: Geography of Latin America
  • INTL(LACS) 4270: Inter-American Relations
  • INTL(LACS) 4315: Comparative Democracy, Democratization, and Civil Society
  • INTL(LACS) 4380: Latin American Political Systems
  • JRLC(LACS) 5060: Telenovelas, Culture, and Society
  • JRLC 5080: International Mass Communication
  • LACS 4010: Latin American Indigenous Languages I
  • LACS 4800: Latin American and Caribbean Studies Internship
  • LACS 4900: Special Topics in Latin American and Caribbean Studies
  • LACS(SOCI) 4910: Citizenship and Social Movements in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • SOCI 3010: Sociology of Culture
  • SOCI(WMST)(LACS) 4280: Global Perspectives on Gender
  • SOCI(LACS) 4290: Sociology of Latin America
  • WMST 3110: Gender, Race, Class, Sexuality
  • WMST(LACS) 3500: Women in the Caribbean
  • WMST 4130/6130: Transnational Perspectives on Women and Gender


  • CMLT(AFAM)(AFST)(GEOG)(LACS) 4260/6260: The Black and Green Atlantic: Crosscurrents of the African and Irish Diasporas
  • CMLT(AFST)(LACS) 4545/6545: Comparative Postcolonial Studies
  • ENGL 4860: Multicultural Topics in American Literature
  • FILM(LACS) 4640/6640 or FILM(LACS) 4640I/6640I: Latin American Film and Media
  • FREN any 3000-4000 level
  • FREN(LACS) 4170: Francophone Film, Literature, and Culture
  • HIST 3140: Latinos/Latinas in the United States
  • HIST(LACS) 3220 or HIST(LACS) 3220H: History of Mexico
  • HIST(LACS) 3230 or HIST(LACS) 3230I: History of Brazil
  • HIST(LACS) 3235: Andean History: From Inka Empire to Plurinational State
  • HIST 3240: The Caribbean Area
  • HIST 3270: History of Argentina and Chile in the 20th Century
  • HIST 3710: The Atlantic World, 1450-1750: Exchange, Conquest, and Empire
  • HIST 3711: Atlantic World, 1750-1900: Slavery, Capitalism, and Revolution
  • HIST(LACS) 4200/6200: Studies in Latin American History
  • HIST 4211/6211 or HIST 4211H: Cuba from Emancipation to Revolution
  • HIST(RELI) 4214/6214: Introduction to the Religions of the Caribbean
  • HIST 4220/6220: The United States and Latin America
  • HIST(LACS) 4230/6230: Supernatural Latin America: Readings on Witchcraft, Shamanism, and Popular Religion
  • HIST 4235/6235: Pirates, Captives, and Travelers: Mobility on the High Seas
  • HIST(LACS) 4240/6240: Citizenship and Social Movements in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • HIST(LACS) 4250/6250: Race, Nation, and Popular Culture in Latin America
  • LACS 4050/6050: Current Topics in Latin American Research
  • LACS(CMLT) 4700/6700: Special Topics in Latin American and Caribbean Transnational Comparative Studies
  • LACS 4900: Special Topics in Latin American and Caribbean Studies
  • LLED 4620/6620: ESOL Service Learning
  • LLED 4730/6730: Methods and Material for Community-Based Language Teaching
  • LLED 5555: Supervised World Language Internship
  • PORT any 3000-4000 level
  • SPAN(LING) 3050: Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
  • SPAN(LING) 4650: Spanish Phonetics and Language Variation
  • SPAN any 3000-4000 level (except SPAN 4081)
  • WMST 3110: Gender, Race, Class, Sexuality
  • WMST(LACS) 3500: Women in the Caribbean
  • WMST 4130/6130: Transnational Perspectives on Women and Gender


  • AAEC 4960: International Agricultural Trade Policy
  • AESC 2990S: Understanding and Communicating with the Latino Community in the Green Industry
  • ALDR(AFST)(LACS) 3820E: Reflections on Fighting Hunger
  • ALDR 3820H: Reflections on Fighting Hunger (Honors)
  • ALDR(AFST)(LACS) 4710/6710: International Agricultural Development
  • ALDR(AFST)(LACS) 4710E/6710E: International Agricultural Development
  • ANTH(ECOL) 4290/6290: Environmental Archaeology
  • ANTH(PBIO) 4300/6300-4300L/6300L: Ethnobotany
  • CRSS(HORT)(ANTH)(ECOL)(GEOG) 4930/6930: Agroecology of Tropical America
  • CRSS(HORT)(ANTH)(ECOL)(GEOG) 4931/6931: Agroecology of Tropical America Field Trip
  • EETH(AESC) 4190/6190: Agricultural Ethics
  • EHSC 4400: Environmental Issues in the Developing World
  • FORS(ECOL)(GEOG) 4250/6250: International Forest Management
  • FORS(CRSS)(ECOL)(ANTH) 4760: Agroforestry in the Caribbean
  • HIPR 4000/6000: Introduction to Historic Preservation
  • HIPR 4072/6072: Issues in International Heritage Conservation
  • HORT(ANTH)(PBIO) 3440: Herbs, Spices, and Medicinal Plants
  • LACS 4900: Special Topics in Latin American and Caribbean Studies
  • PBIO(ECOL) 4750/6750: Tropical Ecology and Conservation>

For a downloadable version of our LACS Major Checklist: 

LACS Major Requirements Worksheet

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