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LACSI Undergraduate Major

A major in Latin American and Caribbean Studies introduces you to the traditions, heritage and contemporary experience of Latin American and Caribbean nations and their people. As a student, you will be able to develop critical language and cultural skills that serve as the foundation for careers in public service, business, humanitarian work, law, and health care. Students with multidisciplinary backgrounds are provided with a broad understanding of multiple academic areas with the unifying context of Latin America and the Caribbean.

MAJOR Requirements (27 credits)     the updates below will appear in the fall 2024 bulletin

Area VI Requirements:

Please click on the course names for complete descriptions.

Required Hours
LACS 1000: Intro to Latin American and Caribbean Studies 3
HIST 2221 or HIST 2222 3

The remaining 4 courses may be satisfied by any combination of classes on the list below: 

Elective Courses (12 Credits) Hours
Any other 3-hour LACS course at the 2000-level  
Any LACS language (SPAN, PORT, FREN or QUEC) at the 1000 or 2000 level. 
(It is possible to satisfy this req. with 4 language courses!)

Additional Options

ANTH 1102
DANC 2620
ECOL 2100
ETAP 2200
GEOG 1101 or GEOG 2010H
INTL 1100
RELI 1006 
RELI(NAMS) 1100 
ROML 2550 or SPAN 2550
SOCI 1101 
WMST 1110


Major Language Requirement (3 hours):

Choose one (1) course at the 3000 level in ONE language below. Additional upper-level language courses can count towards the interdisciplinary electives requirements.


Core Requirements (6 hours):

Courses Hours
LACS 4311: Critical Concepts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies 3
LACS 4911: Topics in Latin American Research and Analysis 3

Interdisciplinary Electives (18 hours):

Elective courses must be selected from at least 2 of the 3 different areas below. For example, while five courses may be taken in the "Languages and History Area," at least one class must come from "Social Sciences and LACS," or vice-versa.

For descriptions of the following courses, visit the UGA Bulletin for the LACS Major.

Social Sciences and LACS area
Any 3000-4999 LACS course
AFAM(ROML) 4860/6860 JRLC(LACS) 5060
AFST(RELI)(LACS) 4620/6620 JRLC 5080
ANTH(NAMS)(LACS) 3270 LACS(INTL)(SOCI) 4111/6111
ANTH(PBIO) 4300/6300-4300L/6300L LACS(SOCI) 4211/6211 
ANTH(NAMS)(LACS) 4460/6460 SOCI 3010
SOCI 3320
SOCI 3820
GEOG 3640 SOCI(LACS)(POLS) 4055/6055
GEOG 4290/6290 SOCI(WMST)(LACS) 4280
GEOG 4670/6670 SOCI(LACS) 4290
GEOG(LACS) 4720/6720 WMST 3110
INTL(LACS) 4315 WMST 4130/6130
INTL 4318 WMST(LACS) 4500/6500
INTL(LACS) 4380  
Languages and History area
Any 3000-4999 FREN course HIST 3242
Any 3000-4999 PORT course HIST 3270
Any 3000-4999 SPAN course (excluding SPAN 4081) HIST 3710
CMLT(AFAM)(AFST)(GEOG)(LACS) 4260/6260 HIST 3711
CMLT(AFST)(LACS) 4545/6545 HIST(LACS) 4200/6200 
FILM(LACS) 4640/6640 or FILM(LACS) 4640I/6640I HIST 4211/6211 or HIST 4211H
HIST(LACS) 3210 HIST(RELI) 4214/6214
HIST(LACS)(WMST) 3215 HIST 4220/6220
HIST(LACS) 3220 or HIST(LACS) 3220H  HIST(LACS) 4230/6230 
HIST(LACS) 3230 or HIST(LACS) 3230I HIST 4235/6235
HIST(LACS) 3235  HIST(LACS) 4240/6240  
HIST 3240 HIST(LACS) 4250/6250
Education and Environment area
ALDR 3820H FORS(ECOL)(GEOG) 4250/6250
ALDR(AFST)(LACS) 4710E/6710E GLOB 3100
ANTH(ECOL) 4290/6290 GLOB 3150
CRSS(HORT)(ANTH)(ECOL)(GEOG) 4930/6930 HIPR 4000/6000
ECHD(LACS) 4660/6660 HIPR 4072/6072
ECOL 3600 HORT 2990S
ECOL 4280/6280 HORT(ANTH)(PBIO) 3440
EETH(AESC) 4190/6190 LLED 4730/6730
EHSC 4400  

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